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When we think about our altar girls and boys, we get a picture of those children standing on both sides of the Priest at the Holy Altar. Do you think any time, what is their duty in the Altar? What are they doing there?

In olden days, we can find in the Holy Bible and in other Holy books that they are people who were helping the priests for their rituals. In the old testament, we see that our ancient father Abraham who went to the mountain with his only son Issac to sacrifice him for our God. There we saw that the son Issac carrying the materials for the sacrifice, by the guidance of his father. Altar boys and girls are doing the same thing in the Church. They are helping the priests in Holy Eucharistic services. They are praying and glorifying God along with the priest. The children after receiving their holy communion are eligible for this service.

Altar Boys & Girls in a procession during St. Sebastian's Feast.


When we stand with the priest in the Altar, we feel that the Holy spirit comes and covers us. This will spiritually take us to a different world of happiness. It will help us to grow with our Father Jesus Christ. The altar boys and girls are not simply helping the priest but also they are doing the sacraments of the church along with the priest. They co-operate with each other to well-perform their duties. They play an important role in the church ceremonies. In our church, there are about 20 children doing the Altar services.

We conduct meetings often. The parish priest, sacristan, Catechism teachers, brothers and our parents help and support us in all our activities. St. Dominic Savio is our Patron. We follow his teachings - 'Jesus and Mary will be my friends' and 'Death rather than Sins'.

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