"Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Sing of His glorious name! Tell the world how wonderful He is" - Psalm 66:1-2

Music is one of God's greatest gifts to us all, and we offer that music back to God by glorifying him in our worship with voices of all ages, and musical instruments. Music has the power to inspire, to console, to comfort and to heal.

Music is an integral part of the liturgical services of our church, and our choir helps to bring the good news of the Jesus Christ to the parishioners through heart-felt singing. The choir successfully draws the greater community into the song so that together we sing to the glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Music sung from the heart evangelizes even the casual observer. Many of the texts sung are married to melody that touches the soul with God's grace, mercy and joy.

Choir performing on the occasion of St. Alphonsa Feast, 2012.

Choir members with Fr. Thomas Paingottu.

The Team

  Mr Jithin Jose
  Ms Anjali Joseph
  Ms Roslyn James
  Ms Roslyn Mary
  Ms Steffy Joseph
Key Board  
  Mr Clinton P Fernandez
  Mr Manu Mathew
  Ms Rayna John


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