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Musings on Faith

“As flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods, they kill us for their sport.”  – Shakespeare.

Hundreds of parishioners plunged into grief, stood beside the family to bid farewell to the departed; a wife, mother of two. Then another tragedy struck, a family lost their two sons in successive years. Far away in Rome a priest bid farewell to his community, entered eternal abode. Our security forces fall prey in dozens to the insurgency. An eventful June said good bye, leaving us baffled, to grapple with the agonizing after effects.

In this way, Shakespeare wrote in King Lear “As flies to wanton boys, are we to Gods, they kill us for their sport!”

I cannot accept this. How silly! Are we like Lillis? Bloom up and dry up instantly in the hot sun!

Forgive me lord, correct my musings, as I am about to think, your ways are strange and beyond my reasoning. I struggle to re-build my shaken identity, as days pass by, as tragedy after tragedy strikes reminding the brutality of tomorrow, and I get disoriented.

Is it unreasonable to think I am needed around to serve myself and my people around me? I don’t wish to embrace eternity too soon, though the teachings say, that is better than the present. But, should I die premature after struggling years, before enjoying the fruits of my labor? Why should I be taken away, without my consent or before convincingly explained? Is it justice?

My son… words come thundering…your musings heard…you can stay on, only you …but how long…till your bank balance lasts or till you feel fed up? Have you started enjoying the fruit of your labor yet? If not, when? After your retirement? Do you think you would have enough energy left  with then? Can I have an answer from you?

My Lord, I must live on until I wish to.

My son, how long?… Till you get fed up with worldly pleasures? Witnessing people around you disappear? Your parents, friends, wife, children and their children? Do you want to live on, watching their departure, left behind; wouldn’t you feel depressed and abandoned?

Yes, I would my Lord, but help me, I am confused.

My son, come along. The world where you are in, is not of yours forever, it belongs to the multitude of those transiting. You are one among them, a transit passenger, don’t get stranded here. Your ultimate aim should not be to satiate your worldly momentary cravings, but embrace the place that would give you eternal joy and tranquility. Live on, without loosing sight of your ultimate goal. Don’t get worried about the departed, nor about yourself, but live your short life till it destined to last, without loosing sight of your ultimate destination.

The heavenly bashing… abruptly stopped.

Reverberates from not so far away tomb “Manushya Nee Mannu Aakunnu, Mannilekku Neeyum Madanguka”. God help me, not by letting me to live on the way I wish to. Make me feel, the present is not the most adorable, but the future is safer and everlasting.

Lord, let me live on, justifying my existence to you and others; and let me die musing, I am going to live for ever.

- Antony Job